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CLUTTER'S LAST STAND , 2nd Edition: It's Time to De-Junk Your Life!
by Don Aslett.

Clutter's Last Stand

This is a funny, helpful and hopeful MUST READ for clutterbugs. As Don so profoundly states, "Life doesn't begin at forty, sixty-five, twenty, thirty, when you get married, when you get promoted, or when you have grandkids--life truly begins when you discover how flexible and free you are without clutter.

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Onsite Consultations

Christy offers onsite consultations in the Crested Butte and Gunnison County areas of Western Colorado. She is also available for onsite consultations at any geographic location. Contact her for more details.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Too Busy? Living With Clutterbugs? Relocating? Outgrown Your Space? Hate Paperwork? Suffered An Illness, Loss Of A Loved One? You or a Loved One Diagnosed with ADD, OCD?

Don't Worry. You're Not Alone...And Help Is Only A Phone Call Away.

Whether you need help with:

  • Setting up, organizing and maintaining your business
  • Setting up your home office and filing system
  • Closets, pantries, garages, offsite storage spaces
  • Children's rooms
  • Space Planning
  • Paper Flow
  • Time Management
  • Relocations, staging your home for sale
  • Bereavements
  • Environments for the Physically Challenged

Benefits of clutterbug removal:

  • Reduced Stress
  • Increased Productivity
  • More time to do the things you really enjoy
  • End the search for lost items
  • Maximize existing storage space
  • Peace of mind
  • Help your children learn the benefits of organization


On-Site Project Rates:
$75/hr. - Residential
$85/hr - Business (1-3 employees)
$95/hr - (4+ employees)
Also available:
-Time and paper management seminars & training
-One-on-one employee sessions
-Telephone consults (residential and business)
-Onsite consults at any geographic location
Long-term project rates contingent upon time needed to achieve individual organizing goals.
As we eliminate clutter in the areas causing immediate stress, I will suggest storage and filing solutions as necessary, and we will determine a follow-up maintenance program to suit your personal needs.

Fee Payable At Time of Service
For rescheduling of a session, please give 48-hours notice to insure that your time may be utilized by another client.
The above rates apply during regular business hours.
Complete confidentiality is guaranteed, and your privacy is always respected.

Member since 1995: National Association of Professional Organizers
National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization

*Telephone Coaching and Clutterbug Removal

For those not within Christy's regular service area, telephone coaching is available.

She will help you develop goals and a game plan, through the study of photographs you will provide via Internet, then coach you through the tough spots, offer support and encouragement throughout and see you through to the completion of your project.


$85/per 45 minute phone consutation.

To schedule an appointment with Christy, please call 831-247-0988 or e-mail

"Dear Christy: Special thanks to my clutter "angel". Miraculous job with the writing room. I'm whittling away at the leftovers in the dining room and telling everyone about the terrific job you did." Love, Laura (Carmel Valley, CA)

"Christy: In trying to save a little...I wasted a lot...of TIME. We finally got through the room. Your guidelines were the foundation and I could not have done it without your outline. I'm beginning to enjoy my new-found freedom! I'm recommending you to anyone who asks (and more so to those who don't)! Things weren't "tucked away"...they were thrown away or donated. I even made $25 at a clothing store for my "old but still nice" shirts! Thank you again, you are a blessing." Rocio (Monterey, CA)

"Dear Christy: Thank you so much for all your help. It was all you said it would be. I feel better already, but will need more assistance soon. Stay in touch. Best to you," Deanna (Pebble Beach, CA)

"Dearest Christy: Sending this gratitude note for the spectacular job you did on my studio. It was a true transformation and lifted my spirits! You took a horrific mess and recreated a space where I could find serenity...the miracle is I've been able to maintain your hard work. You are in my thoughts and prayers." Love, Mary Ellen (Pacific Grove, CA)

"for Christy: Now I can get on with my life. No more guilt about playing..all the work's done! I look around me and feel good. I'm in charge, not my possessions. I wanted to reduce my possessions by one-half...we did even more! We did in 5 sessions what I'd put off for over a year. I feel like I have a new house, a new wardrobe and a new friend." Marilyn ( Pacific Grove, CA)

"We'd been trying to do it for so long [organize home] then Christy Best came, and when I came home from school, it was like walking into a new world." Ross Colijn, Age 10 (Salinas, CA)

"She is simply the Best. She's gentle, nonjudgmental and funny. We're done, but I miss her already." Maureen Morris, Wife, Mom, Homeschool Teacher (Salinas, CA)

"Rebirth your environment, and you rebirth yourself." James Wanless, PhD-Author, The Voyager Tarot (Monterey, CA)

"Finding Christy Best is the best thing that has happened to our home! It is uncommon to find someone who really makes life easier... who anticipates situations and immediately finds solutions that work for our home and life. Christy is professional, organized beyond belief and one of the nicest people we have ever worked with. The result is more than we could have imagined - Christy is exceptional!" Dave McElhatton-News Anchor, KPIX & Karen McElhatton-Owner, Talk Pro (San Francisco , CA)

"She turned my cluttered and messy accumulation into an efficient and neat work space." Jonathon Lee-Pianist and Composer (Monterey, CA)

"I'm awestruck! You have made a world for me. You've made a house into a home." William L. Smith-Prudential California Realty (Monterey, CA)
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